About James Lesesne

James Chapell Lesesne was born to James Abraham and Rachel Lesesne in Florence, South Carolina on September 11, 1990. James Lesesne grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where he spent majority of his childhood learning the values of family, God, hard work and following your dreams. James discovered his passion for Technology and as well as people at an young age but it took many years after graduation from High School, before he began walking in his true calling.

In Fall of 2012, James Lesesne rededicated his life back to Christ and began being led by the Holy Spirit to reach Young Adults and Men all over the world. God has called James Lesesne to reach, inspire and impact the up and coming generation and prepare them to discover,execute and complete their purpose in life. James wants everyone to experience the love of God and how pure,significant and how crucial it is in now and to this and the next generations to come.

James stated"There is a need for God in Villages,Cities,States and even Nations. I believe that everyone should experience the love of God and also learn about his kingdom not only that but start a culture to make kingdom teachings and living a lifestyle." James has chosen to dedicate his life to fulfilling his vision and watching it manifest.