Purpose:Discovering Who You Are

The day that we are born ,we are filled with something called "Purpose". Some of us can recognize it and others just never know what we are on this earth to do. I as well did not completely understand what my purpose was. I had a general idea of what I would like to do but just like everyone else; people,things and environments changed the way I thought and covered my purpose like an seed in the ground.

     Today I want to help you build a solid foundation of who you are and later down the road help you build onto that foundation; to help flourish what you already had inside you. I believe that you were predestined with purpose inside you before the day you were born and that no one can take away that purpose but they can hide it away which will make you feel purposeless.

What Is A Core

     Did you know that purpose is associated with your core?  What is a core? A core is "the tough central part of various fruits, containing the seeds". I know you are wanting to know what does purpose really have to do with a core and seeds but did you know we are like fruits? If you water your core (purpose) your seed will grow but if you just give your purpose  dirt, it will only be hidden and never grow because it takes water,light and soil for a seed to grow. If you have purpose(Core/seed) along with someone recognizing your purpose and helping you understand it (water), all it takes is you wanting to fulfill it(light or enlightenment) to keep growing. With this process your purpose or core  will begin  to sprout in the dirt and then it begins to break the surface to bear fruit. But just like a tree or plant this process takes time and nourishment to  growth. So always be patient and take time to learn who you are.

Understanding Your Core

      Now that I explained to you how your core and seed relates to each other, now lets talk about what are things that can be in your core. Lets use me for an example. I grew up in household where music was big. My dad was a musician so I grew up listening to various types of music. The older I got the more I noticed what genres of music I liked and others I gradually stop listening to. You would of thought I would of enjoyed the same style music as my Father since he introduced me to various style of music but I began to learn what I really  liked and what I didn't like. But I didn't know why I liked music so much and why it was important until I remember sitting with my Cousin and we were watching  a Michael Jackson Concert. I saw through music ,it not only made people happy but it made a difference into people lives. This is when I saw how much music could not only express emotions but it could give awareness to different Historical Events or give awareness of subjects that needed to be address. The way to understand your core is to understand your passions and what makes you mad all the way to what makes you cry.If seeing animals being abused makes you angry then that is apart of your core because you do not want to see them mistreated. Just like if seeing people hungry makes you cry then that as well is apart of your core.It is all about knowing who you are inside and knowing that it will never change even if your environment changes.

Recognizing Your Core

      Even though Music is apart of my core, my true  foundation of Core  is the willingness to want to help others. Recognizing who I am allowed me understand the real me and I wouldn't be writing this blog if I would of never discovered WHO I AM. Discovering Who You Are isn't something that happens by mistake but it happens when you pinpoint purpose. This is only the tip of the iceberg of learning who you are because once you pinpoint who you are, you begin to expand on what your purpose truly is and why you were designed and designated with that Purpose.Remember everyone's purpose will not be the same but if your purpose requires you to do something that has not ever been done or to reinvent something that has been done but on a larger scale then you might have scratched an itch!!!!Are you excited about Purpose?


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