Purpose:The Pursuit Of Happiness

Many times in life we think we are happy until we find ourselves lonely or unfulfilled.We then begin to search deep inside for the need of completion but we find out what used to make us happy and what is currently making us happiness, is just a temporary fix . We are always longing for gratification ,purpose and happiness but always falling short of discovering the true fulfillment.This is what I call the Pursuit of Happiness or the journey of finding fulfillment.

For centuries, we associated happiness with an emotion; rather than, a state of being. Our eyes recognize when someone is happy because theirsmile mimics anillumination of what we believe is on the inside(not being aware that they are still hurting on the inside). They appear to be satisfied but deep down inside the inner self is still not complete(even though the outer man is showing excitement).  I believe this is where we begin to discover there's a difference between being complete on the inner(spirit) and outer(flesh/body).


Our flesh is the outer appearance which is more prone to having fulfillment with what's around us and what we obtain. The reason is because we are able to caress tangible materials with our hands and examine them with our pupils. This is why we become emotional when we obtainrelationships,wealth,cars,houses and so on; not knowing we aren't happy at all. It's like a person saying "I'm only going to eat one cookie and you eat another and another then they say to yourself...well it won't hurt if I eat two more. Before you know it, you'veeaten over andozen cookies." This the same thing when we begin to accept what is tangible to be consider ashappiness.


What if I told you that you are only fulfilling the outer layer of yourself and that is only a surface level completion that doesnt equate to the true fulfillment that you can have inside. Your inner selfis anxious for you to fulfill him/her.That he or she is like a prisoner that has the route to escape but is waiting to be free BUT lacks the key to unlock the cell. He/she knows that there is more to life than what we perceive out our eyes and that true happiness isn't in things but it is hidden in a place many dare to speak of or even acknowledge. This is   where the pursuit begin......


I want to leave you with one nugget.The key to happiness is to find the holder of the key and what he posses inside.Through him he will release happiness and fulfillment to you and remove any hurt,sower or anything that may have took happiness away.This key(Jesus) will not only unlock your happiness but provide an everlasting flow of peacefulness that nothing or no one could ever provide.Your Pursuit of Happiness will begin when you allow him to lead and take into your inner spirit.



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