The Walking Dead


Each and everyday people are walking around not tapping into their full potential and purpose in life. They feel like they have all they need and everything is okay but in all actuality they are WALKING DEAD. Inside, there isn't a spiritual awakening and they aren't doing anything to fuel the purpose they were placed on the earth to fulfill.

There are various ways a person can be pronounced dead but we are mostly familiar with the physical death which is either brain dead or not having a beating heart(which causes the body to stop functioning the way it is supposed to be.) BUT that's not the death I will be discussing in this blog series. The two types of death I want to elaborate on are the spiritual and emotional death. My primary focus will be the spiritual death which I believe correlates with the other. 

Living Without A Conscience  

Day in and day out, we live in a constant state of wonder. Can I trust my family, friends, coworkers and etc? We live hiding our emotions and hardening our hearts continuously until certain events will no longer move our emotions. This state of being is detrimental to our society on various levels and will cause a rapid domino effect if its not corrected immediately.

 We are living in a transitional season where we are not teaching people morals and a standard of living. When I say standard of living, I am not referring to wealth or things obtained but integrity. This is happening not only in American culture but all over the world. People are getting away from their foundations and they are living in the selfish "I am going to get what's best for me" state of mind.  

This mindset started corrupting others and started a revolutionary movement that shakes cultures and initiated a rebellious spirit. Rebellion was not caused only by curiosity but also the lack of guidance, corrective leadership,compassion/love, understanding, reliability and demonstrative leadership. I feel like we are missing the bridge that connects the next generation and the previous one. There is something significant missing spiritually and physically  which is placing us in a choke hold. This choke hold is what I call the birthplace of hardened hearts and the search of authenticity. People are hurting inside and longing to know who they are but are afraid to open up because they've been hurt time and time again by the ones they love. This is why I believe that the spiritual and emotional deaths go hand in hand. If you can cure the heart and begin to allow it to beat again, you just opened up a opportunity to allow someone to have a spiritual revival.  

Emotional Death Doesn't Exempt Christians 

 We assume that since we are/they are "CHRISTIANS", they are exempt from the death of emotions. I strongly believe that being saved doesn't qualify you for the exemption of emotional/conscience death. WHY? Because salvation is redemption of a person that knows they can not fulfill or complete life on their own but need a savior(Jesus) to save and give them everlasting life. This does not say you are complete but you are on the road to being integrated with your life, words and thoughts. NOW BACK TO THE SCHEDULED PROGRAM 



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