The Reason Why You Should Take A Day To Rest


For many years I worked non stop and even on occasions over tax myself with things to complete. One day I woke up and realized that I had something planned each and every day. After analyzing the last 8 months, I noticed that I was unsuccessful at completing half of what I intended. That's when I realizes this had became a major problem that was interfering with my rest and as well as focusing on what I needed to do.  This was why I sensed that I needed a day to myself and a day that was spontaneous and not scheduled. 



We all have things we are dealing with day in and day out. The last thing we are thinking about is taking a personal day just to have "Me Time". We all live busy lives and feel like a minute wasted will either turn to time we can never get back or time that will require us to work even harder. BUT what happens when you wait too late? Waiting too late can cause you to have several outcomes that is not really ideal. For instance, health issues, stress and mood swings (I think a lot of people experience this from time to time). Along with that, waiting to late can also result into death if you aren't careful. Do you remember having those random crashes that make the body sleep for 8+ hours straights? Amazing sleep but when you wake up, you cant remember the day or time. This is due to over exhaustion and is the reason why we need the proper rest and relaxation.


WAIT!!! There is hope!! 

Do not think for a second that it is too late because you have a chance to fix the issue at hand. I want to help you and give you a few pointers. I know and realize that a full day off may not be for you but I want to give you some things to try before taking that step to a day or two off.  

Something is better than nothing

Short breaks or personal time is better than no time at all. Take 30minutes in the morning, afternoon and/or the evening do something you love. I love riding around site-seeing while  observing how the earth is sculptured.  Another activity I love to do is lounging in the living room listening to classical music and drinking hot herbal tea. Doing small doses of what you love will prepare you for those tough moments. 

Recently I was talking to a person that is a busy person himself and we discussed the importance of rest and also effectiveness of it when you get the proper time to enjoy life. He told me that he likes to take half day offs periodically and he notice the increase of productivity on those days. Sometimes it is just good to take a half day to focus on work and the rest of the day to focus on yourself. Both suggestions are great and will help but what happens when neither of those work? 


Sometimes We Have To Suck It And Do What's Best

When all else fails and you have to take that one day off just for yourself. It may seem selfish and work isn't going to stop but your health isn't going to adjust to your current circumstances. Taking a personal day is really intended to help you refocus and understand what is really important. During this time, I would recommend sleeping and also getting out to admire the nature.  Take 20minutes and listen to the wind, smell the aroma that is being expelled from the flowers and observe the animals in their habitat. Not getting rest is not an option and you should never compromise . I hope this blog was helpful. Also you can email me if you have any questions and I will help you to the best of my ability.


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