The Reason Why I Smile


My smile will always be a key distinctive about me. I noticed through smiling I have been able to impact people's life and changed their attitude. I believe the key to being happy isn't in faking it until you make it but; however,  finding the key to true happiness. One thing I learned over the years is that you can't allow happiness to be connected to something that is outer(materialistic stuff) but something that is inner(true fulfillment). Happiness should be tied to something that will never change even when you are faced to change the environment around you. You may ask yourself; how was I able to find the key to my happiness?  Well I would like to tell you.


Years ago, I was obsessed with becoming rich and having a lot of wealth. I remember dreaming about expensive cars along with buying an enormous mansion. I felt that money was the answer to all my problems but one day, something hit me like a ton of bricks.


Money isn't bad but I noticed that society pressures us into having the latest fashion designer clothes, bragging on what we have or what we are about to get and pursuing money as a source of completion. I thought that this type of mindset was ingenious but in reality it showed me the more I obtained, the more I was not happy. In 2012, I was at a pivotal point in my life, I felt like I had all the money I ever needed: I traveled, took unlimited vacations, ate at fancy restaurants and I was able to buy what I want BUT I was not happy. Around this time I remember talking to an close relative that said something that stuck with me, even to this day "

I rather live comfortably and be happy with life rather than pursue riches and never find fulfillment"


This changed my whole aspect on how I thought and what I was truly pursuing.

I found that the state of mind I was currently in was polluting my preception on what happiness truly was. This is when the transformation began and I started searching for peace. 


You would think it would of took me a long time to find happiness but I already knew what made me happy. I was taking for granted what actually gave me an abundance of life and a new glow. My happiness is in helping others and watching them excel at what they were good at. I loved solving people's problems and helping them find their  niche(sweet spot).

How did I miss such a simple reality? 


Two words: preception and unfocused

Point blank my preception was diluted and I was out of focus. But by refocusing and reaiming in the right direction, I was able to see a new beginning. This new beginning helped me to walk into freedom and as well gave me an radiant that was not there before(yes I always smiled but this new smile was unexplainable but pure). This is when I rediscovered my purpose and understood what true happiness was. 

I know you are probably asking yourself these questions: I have several passions but what is my true calling? How can I discover my passions? When will I find my sweet spot?

These are excellent questions and groundbreaking work. I would recommend reading my following blog Discovering Who You are and The Pursuit of Happiness  to help you find your true purpose. 















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