The Piece That is Out Of Place Part II

In my last blog I covered the key components that made you unique. In this blog I am going to pick up where I left off at and continue to build onto the foundation that I've already created. In The Piece That Is Out Of Place Part I, I ended discussing how you are created uniquely by God and that you should use your uniqueness for your benefit. Lets continue from there….


God created each and everyone of us to be unique and to be world changers. Does this mean you need to run for President? No not necessarily(unless that is a goal that you would like to fulfill) but what I am actually referring to is using your gifts to make a difference in the world. When we think about world impact, there's several names that immediately come to mind. For example Steve Jobs,Albert Einstein, Aldof Hitler, and  Rames II; we can agree that these individuals contributed in some way that changed the world.


What if I told you that you have the same potential to become a world affluential leader and you can be known as a history maker? What if this very moment your mind is creating ideas that could possibly awaken a person to dream? What if that dreamer influence someone else to take an opportunity to change the world? Would you begin to focus on the gifts you have to offer or would you go on with your day to day life and live without fulfilling purpose? What if you are the PIECE THAT IS OUT OF PLACE


"What if the idea or invention you have been working on could change the world as we know it? Would you keep developing it and pushing your idea? Would you allow people to keep killing it? I want to let you in on a little secret...Every world changer faced failure and rejection but they used each occurrence as a motivator to change the world. Use everything thrown at you to fuel your ideas and never let no-one stop you from fulfilling what you have inside you."- James Lesesne


 We take for granted that many pioneers went through opposition just like many of us are going through right now. I pondered on the statement above and noticed that there is so much unseen value in life that we will never know the true impact until we do the unthinkable.It could take place just by acting on a creative idea or finishing a vision that we once gave up on. There’s many of us that are giving up our dreams because we are told failure is inevitable. But did you know that every great risk has an greater return associated with it. What are you waiting on? Why are you giving up on your purpose,dream or vision that could've been on the verge of an breakthrough. Why be the PIECE that is out of place when you can be the PIECE that is in POSITION.


Position yourself for greatness and position yourself to excel at everything you put your mind too. What separates great leaders from your typical leaders is how they use their time to be productive. Having exceptional work ethics will take you a long way. You will see that great leaders are the ones that are making sacrifices when others rather do the bare minimum. They are not afraid to get in the trenches and demonstrate how things should be done. Great leaders are excellent listeners and take beneficial advice that will help others. You will see that they are not afraid to make revolutionary decisions when others rather stay in their comfort zone. They make the investment in others to help them reach a level of potential that once was not recognized by that individual.You can not influence the world by yourself. You need a team that will balance you out and help you in the areas that you are weak in. They are the ones that you can trust and you know that they think similar to you but their strengths might not be the same strength as yours. WHY do you need a team? 


If you are like any great visionary, you will notice that your vision is somewhat larger than what can meet the eyes. Since this is so, you will need a cleaver team that will pull together their gifts and talents to produce the ideal solution that you need. For the most part, you will be the one that is seen but it is always the behind the scenes people that actually make it work. Collaborate with others and help others fulfill their dreams while you work on yours. 


Never become so self centered that you can only focus on your purpose. Be willing to use your gifting to serve others. The world will become a better place if we learned how to not make everything a completion but however, focus on getting the same results. This results is to make the world better, more efficient and provide a future for the generations to come. Everything we do has to take consideration of the effect it will have 10 years down the line, 50 years down the line or even 100 years down the life. Don't forget how much much impact Jesus has on the world today 2000 years later.

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