Destined To Succeed!

Back in 2010; I left Columba, SC after being there a short period of time. I still remember getting in my Ford Explorer and trucking my stuff up to my student housing apartment with my father. Greenville, South Carolina was new to me and it came with a culture shock. I was in a city filled with people I did not know and that quickly made me realized that I had to strategically plan for my future. 


Over the next 7 plus years;  I would meet some amazing people and would reunite with people that I knew from back home. But one thing that became clear to me, was that every step I took was a step ordered by God. I found myself gaining favor in the least likely places and connecting with people that would take me to the next chapter in life. What felt like a short period of time; turned into years of unprecedented opportunities. From working with innovative companies, starting my own business, becoming a minister and also purchasing a new car. You couldn't tell me that I wasn't on top of the world!. That's when God began to reveal his next plans for me. 


In 2013, I took a spontaneous trip to Atlanta for a quick getaway. My intentions were to catch up on some rest and to explore a little bit. That's when I stumbled across the Vinings/Smyrna Area of Atlanta. Instantly I was drawn to this particular city. I felt that I needed to be here and I was determined to make it happen. I still remember waking up and turning on the TV to watching a sermon by Joel Olsten. That particular sermon gave me the determination to start looking for places to stay. It was fascinating because I ran across two other people that watched that same particular sermon and they were searching for a place as well. I thought that was amazing! So I continued my research and planned for my move to Atlanta however; that excitement quickly dissipated while my workload increased. I continued to visit Atlanta from time to time, admiring the skyscrapers and harmonic lights that lit up the city. Gazing and listening to the audible noise of the city. Cars swiftly moving through traffic pressing to get to their designations. The familiarity of the city atmosphere kept me satisfied but who knew God had a plan already working in the background that would take me by surprise. 


In mid-2016 I felt a shift and the pieces of the puzzle began coming together about my next destination. Unsought doors began to open and opportunities arose. Deep inside I knew it wasn't quite time yet but I knew something was churning. Endless job opportunities came and were turned down by me.  My close friends thought I was insane because I turned down several jobs. They did not know that this wasn't the first time I turned down a job. The remembrance of God bringing jobs to me played in the back of my mind like a popular tune. Keeping me at bay and waiting until I heard him say "Go".  Feeling the pressure of being anxious until I told myself not to worry anymore.  I told myself "If it is for me it will happen".


So one day I was in Atlanta visiting my mentor and then my phone rung. The call unexpectedly caught me off guard but this phone conversation would contribute to a pivotal point in my life; and a milestone that will be marked forever. Who would have known that constant faithfulness and dedication would give you the favor.... I did. Who would have known that your gift will make room you?I did. Not because I am cocky but because I know that God keeps his promises. The promises of God is yes and amen. We have to remember that in any circumstance that we live in, God is faithful and will never leave us stranded. Allow God to construct the pieces of the puzzles while he leads your life. Remember that he will never lead you astray and everything will start to unfold right before your eyes. 


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